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The Fire Sermon

Art made based on a fragment of the book Horns, by Joe Hill.

"He was on the second bottle of wine when he heard the fire whispering to him, suggesting plans and schemes, offering encouragement in a soft, hissing voice, putting forth theological arguments. Ig canted his head and listened to it, listened carefully, in a state of fascination. Sometimes he nodded in agreement. The voice of the fire said the most sensible thing. Over the next hour, Ig learned a great deal.

After it was dark, he opened the hatch and found the teeming faithful gathered in the room beyond, waiting to hear The word. Ig emerged from the chimney, and the crawling carpet of snakes - a thousand of them at least, lying on top of one another, braided together in mad tangles - cleared a path for him to the heap of bricks in the centre of the floor. He climped to the top of the little hill and settled himself with his pitchfork and his second bottle of wine. From his perch upon the low mound, he ministered to them."

Raianne kuzer raianne image

Final piece.

Raianne kuzer ig process

Had an amazing time from the thumbnail to the hints of different colors.